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At MISTR we recognize the importance an employer plays in helping employees access HIV testing, prevention and care. MISTR makes it easy for employers to support employee health by providing free online PrEP, STI testing, DoxyPEP and long term HIV care. Today MISTR serves over 300,000 nationally, but MISTR can reach so many more with your help.

With MISTR one can consult online with a doctor, do the required labs and full STI testing from the privacy of their home and enjoy the convenience of free monthly delivery. Medication, doctor consultation and testing at no cost. YEP… ZERO, NADA, ZILCH.

What was once thought impossible – the end of the HIV epidemic in the U.S. is now within reach and your organization can be a part of the solution.

How it works for employees?


Answer some basic health questions and create a profile. Confidential and judgement free.


Simple at home testing. No needles, no doctor visit.


Our licensed physicians will review your results and prescribe PrEP if appropriate for you.


Our pharmacy network will ship your medication in our discreet packaging and refill automatically each month free of charge.


We'll work with your insurance company and the various patient assistance programs to ensure you have no out-of-pocket costs. We do everything for you.


Prescription renewals every 3-months are even easier.

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How it works for employers?

MISTR’s services are completely free for the employers and each employee, there is zero out-of-pocket costs. The only thing billed to insurance is the medication, reducing costs for the employer that would normally be incurred with the required doctor visits, testing and labs. The only ask of the employer is to promote MISTR (and SISTR) to its’ employees, for which MISTR can provide free co-branded printed and digital assets, communication tools and other resources.  Learn more by contacting Dillon Barker at [email protected].

MISTR is a proud member of the Health Action Alliance, a coalition of private sector organizations committed to filling gaps and accelerating progress to help end HIV in the U.S. by 2030.