How to guest star with a couple 

By Papa PrEP

Hey, MISTR! Let’s face it, everyone loves to be the center of attention every once in a while! And there is no better way than to be one just that than to be the guest star in a hookup with a couple. It all eyes (and hands and mouths) on yoU! Of course, no guest star will top Britney Spears in Will & Grace, but when you get your chance, here are some tips for nailing your role! 

Make Sure You’re Into Them! PLURAL: 

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not always so easy. If you’re not into both partners, don’t go! Remember, you are a guest starring role and they are the original cast. They will know if you are not into one of them and you’ll hear a “CUT!” before you can get out of your trailer.  

Discuss Your Role:  

Are you topping? Bottoming? Both? This isn’t improv and most couples have rules and boundaries for all situations; find out what theirs are so that there are no major surprises. Everyone needs to know their lines!


Going into a hookup with people who already have a long-standing relationship with one another can be a bit nerve-wracking. Remember, they invited you and hopefully will work hard to make sure to loosen you up in more ways than one.  

Set YOUR Boundaries:  

Just because you got invited into their bedroom doesn’t mean it’s Anything Goes, Lupone! You can have rules too. You don’t *HAVE* to get DP’d. I mean, you should, but you don’t have to! You’re allowed to set as many boundaries as you want.  

Be PrEPared:  

The key to any good sexual encounter is comfort. Nothing makes everyone more comfortable and secure than knowing their status. There are resources for free PrEP (Truvada or Descovy) available. You can even get PrEP online with at home STI testing.