Tips on how to open your relationship

By Papa PrEP

As times change, so does the nature of our relationships. And in our community, sharing is caring in every sense of the word. Being tied to traditional monogamous relationships is great if that is what you and your partner agree on, but sometimes you may want to explore while remaining committed to one another in every other capacity. Opening your relationship doesn’t mean you’re throwing away intimacy and romance, quite the opposite! With the following considerations, your relationship can strengthen and open in ways that aren’t just opening your legs.


Before agreeing to yourself into an open relationship, make sure you look inwards. If you’re someone who experiences jealousy or distrust of your partner, maybe it’s not for you. Remember, possession of someone is not love and if you view exclusive sexual access to a person as foundational for you to feel like they are with you., this may not be right for you. 


Just because you’re open doesn’t mean you have to be open to anyone. Communication with your partner about what is and is not “allowed” in your external affairs is very important. Any partner worth their salt will consider and respect your desires. If you don’t want them to have repeat sex with someone? Say that. If you don’t want them to have sex with people you’re friends with? Say that. However, keep in mind that while the boundaries have no real limits, they shouldn’t be highlights or projections of your own insecurities. 


Open relationships are not easy. There are going to be a lot of hard conversations and renegotiations on the boundaries, feelings, and continuation of the process. It’s important to have a healthy foundation of trust and understanding. It’s important to make sure you’re willing to make changes to accommodate your partner’s needs. Juggling the wants and needs of hookups in addition to juggling the needs of the person you’re actually committed to is not easy.  


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