5 Tips For Getting Over A Man 

By Papa PrEP

  1. Get Under ANOTHER one: Seriously, there’s power in rebound sex. Nothing quite as satisfying as a new man to remind you that you are a catch, whether you’re a pitcher or catcher. The thing you need to make sure depending on what type of relationship you exited is that your PrEP’d for the future. You can use online PrEP resources to get Truvada or Descovy and make sure that you are having the safest sex possible.  
  1. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Maybe you’ve been too comfortable sexually and it’s time for you to try something you have never done before or be with a type of man that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Maybe it is time you try a bathhouse or sex party. Go wild and try having sex with someone outside of your usual type.  
  1. Remember who YOU are: Your value does not lie in whether a man wants you or not. Your value lies in knowing that you are a catch and that having a man in your life does not define you. Men are not a necessity. Focus on harnessing the things that you’re good at. Do the things that you love. Reconnect with parts of you that might have been put on the backburner.   
  1. Chosen Family Time Heals All: You’re back on the market, but more importantly you’re back with your girls. Jump into the group chart and get ready for a round of margaritas. If you don’t remember your unruly behavior, neither should your friends.  
  1. Learn From This: WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! Well, most of us. The point is: just because your relationship is over does not mean you can’t grow from it. Think about the things that went wrong and instead of trying to place blame, try thinking about how you’ll handle it next time. Every man won’t be the same, but many will share similar traits. Good to sniff them out early…not like that you pervs!