How to bottom and still come out on TOP!

By Papa PrEP

Having good sex is a skill and it takes practice. So often in the excitement and execution we forget some some clear important tips and ways be the best bottom we can be!

RUSH is a brand of poppers, not a way of life! 

If your top is in too much of a hurry to wait for you to douche, he’s a douche. You already have one, you don’t need another. 


In the words of Faith Hill and Nina from In The Heights, BREATHEEEEEEE. This is a critical and key step people tend to forget when there is a human appendage inside of you. This might prove a little more difficult when has you by the throat, but the sentiment remains the same 

Be PrEPared 

Sex is fun and exhilarating, but those things are heightened when you’re on top of your sexual healthcare. Taking free PrEP like Truvada or Descovy can make sure that you and your partner feel safe and secure. We provide free online PrEP to make sure that even if you’re a bottom, you come out on top! 

A lubed hole is a happy hole.  

You are not a self-lubricating individual. Spit is hot, but it really is not enough. If you want to last and save yourself from tears and other complications in the future, regular application of lube is MANDATORY.  


This practice should be utilized by absolutely everyone regardless of sexual position, but if you want your runway clear for landing, fiber is God. Regular fiber intake saves you a ton of time on douching and will have your fleet water clearer than your mind after you orgasm.  

Take the scenic route to main event! 

Stop letting these men give you a little kiss, your butt a little lick and thinking they can stick it in. Rushing foreplay is not only boring, but it’s also a sign he’s gonna rush everything else. Rimming and all other manners of foreplay are essential to making sure your flower opens up to be pollinated.