Let’s Celebrate 10 Years of PrEP

By MISTR Staff

10 years ago, PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) was approved by the FDA to be taken as a once daily pill to prevent HIV transmission. In the years that followed, access to Truvada was limited by a number of factors including price, insurance and even race. Since our formation, our mission  has always been to eliminate those barriers making PrEP free and accessible for everyone, even delivering it right to your front door. 

While PrEP has only been available for a decade it’s impact is already helping save generations.

To celebrate let’s talk 10 reasons you should be on PrEP:

1. It’s free and 99% effective at preventing the transmission of HIV.

2. Gay and bisexual men have a 1 in 6 chance of contracting HIV in their lifetimes.

3. Only 10% of people who are eligible and should be on PrEP are actually taking it. 

4. PrEP opens up candid conversations about HIV that help reduce stigma.

5. PrEP makes sex safer and offers peace of mind for all parties involved.

6. Being on PrEP requires regular STI testing that helps you stay on top of your sexual health and helps prevent other infections. 

7. New advancements in PrEP prevention are being made all the time. 

8. PrEP and it’s benefits are encouraging young people to seek primary care.

9. PrEP will save money by preventing people from needing HIV treatment.

10. The success of and science around PrEP can help us learn more to prevent  other virus.