Our LGBTQ+ History Has PrEPared Us For A Bright Future

By MISTR staff

Our past as a community has been important in helping us self determine our growth and where we will be in the future. We use our stories and history to remind ourselves and educate the world on the rich and layered tapestry that is the history of the LGBTQ+ community. A community that is as strong as it is vibrant and that is overflowing with resilience.  

The LGBTQ community has overcome so much not just in the United States, but globally as well. Our long history of marginalization has no borders and sometimes it can seem as if it will continue forever. It is in those moments where we must remind ourselves how far our community has come on huge shared international struggles like HIV/AIDS. 

While the HIV/AIDS epidemic is no longer the horror it once was, that didn’t come without the loss of millions of lives and the hard work of activists and medical communities everywhere. In the United States, the invention of PrEP, a once daily pill that prevents HIV transmission by 99% has made huge strides for our community that was once losing tons of lives a week. PrEP is now available for free in all 50 states including D.C. and Puerto Rico. MISTR takes care of all the needs, STI testing and paperwork to get people on Truvada or Descovy for PrEP and the best part is, it’s all delivered right to your door. This kind of advancement would have seemed like a far-off dream during the 80s, but it is now a reality.  

The millions of lives we have lost to HIV/AIDS related issues will never be forgotten. In fact, they remain a somber reminder of how much we must work together to insure our community never experiences something like that again. The work of creating a HIV/AIDS free world is long and difficult, but together with a shared understanding of what we’re up against, education about sexual health and continued use of preventative measures like Truvada or Descovy for PrEP through services like MISTR we can move the needle forward day by day.  

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