What We Can Do To Create and HIV/AIDS Free World

By MISTR Staff 

For World AIDS Day, It’s time to focus on how we can finish this decades long work of ending HIV/AIDS by not letting it slip from our minds. The HIV/AIDS epidemic isn’t front page news any more thanks to years of hard work, science and activism. In the modern world, treatment is sophisticated and effective. HIV is not a death sentence and the number of new infections is nowhere near what it used to be.  

Thanks to new advancements like Truvada and Descovy for PrEP, individuals can prevent HIV transmission by taking a once daily pill that is 99% effective at preventing transmission for free, with or without insurance, through MISTR. Prescribed online and delivered right to your door.  

The truth is that, according to data from the CDC, the south made up 52% of new HIV diagnoses and over ⅓ of new cases are people ages 25-34. It’s important to provide prevention and education about PrEP and regular STI testing to reach the goal of an HIV/AIDS free generation.  

What can we do to help? 

Get Tested 

1 in 7 people living with HIV don’t know it because they haven’t been tested. Regular STI testing is crucial in keeping yourself and your partners safe 

Get yourself and your friends on PrEP 

PrEP is an HIV preventative that is available in all 50 states including DC and Puerto Rico through MISTR. It’s free and delivered to your door. Let your friends know about these important resources.  

Educate yourself and help educate others 

Misinformation and stigma are major factors influencing people’s decisions around sexual health. It’s important to know the facts about HIV and PrEP to combat misinformation and protect yourself and others. Get your information and research from trusted resources or speak directly with a healthcare professional.  

If you’re ready to PrEP for success, sign up HERE